Does God Really Meet All Our Needs?

"And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus." 1 Phil. 4:19 Have any needs in your life? Me too..

Ever seem like those needs aren't being met? Me too..

So when we see a passage of scripture like Philippians 4:19, we have to stop and ask a few questions. If we don't  dig in and find the deeper connections, we might easily think the Bible isn't true because we've got needs that aren't being currently met.

That's a very dangerous conclusion.

But if we stop and ask God to help us understand, God loves to help those who are humble and lean on him. (1 Peter 5)


I think the best way to explain how I think God wants us to respond is to share this brief story:

The other day I was out running errands with my kids. We made our rounds then headed back home. Nathan, our four-year old, says to me, "Daddy I'm thirsty. Can I have some water, Daddy?"

Usually we take drinks with us, but this time we didn't have anything. So I told him that he would have to wait until we got home.

He burst out in frustration, "But I'm going to get thirstier and thirstier..." (he likes to repeat his condition for emphasis)

I told him to be patient and that as his dad I would take care of him (we were literally four minutes from being home). But that didn't really seem to help him much. We continued on home and he continued being mad the whole way there, complaining of his thirst.

His honest reaction and that scenario really made an impact on me.

Here's what stuck out to me:

  • He has a legit need: he was thirsty
  • He knows who to ask to get that need met: his daddy.
  • He reacts in frustration: his need isn't being met.


I find myself in his shoes often. I get frustrated at God that my needs aren't being met, that good gifts aren't being given to me...that we can't adopt Selena right now! (or insert your own situation)

Truth is, there is a way that the Lord hears us and gives us comfort that He is our dad and that we can trust him. We don't trust, or more likely, we have a difficult time being patient for the metaphorical cup of ice-cold water (or cold-cold water as Nate likes to say) that he's going to give us when we get home.


I know my analogy ultimately falls short and it's not a perfect illustration, I mean God could make water out of nothing (unlike me). But it helps me believe God does, and will, meet every need I have in Christ Jesus, for my good and his glory.That He cares about my needs and He hears us when we ask for things.

Philippians 4:19 is true. Every need that we have will be met. But maybe we'll have to wait. Or maybe his answer is no. But he loves to hear us ask. He is the only Father that could give us such things.


Do you have any needs today? Me too.

Keep praying, believe the Scriptures, don't throw out the bible. Believe that every word of God proves true. Trust HIm when you are thirsty. Jesus has the words of life, where else would you go (John 6:68)?

Grace and Peace,

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