'No Good Thing' feat. Rocky Martinez & John Piper

For seven years we have pursued Selena. For seven years our hearts have grown in love for her. For seven years we've longed to take care of her in our own home.

And for seven years now, we have not been able to move forward.

Will it happen? I don't know.


I am confident in the sovereignty of God, but at times I feel like he is withholding Selena from us. Why would he do that? Why would he allow an entire country's international adoption system to shut down? Adoption is such a good, gospel-centered, thing!

Psalm 84:11 says,

"The LORD God is my sun and shield; The LORD bestows favor and honor. No good thing does he withhold from those who walk uprightly."

With that verse I start to get my feet back under me. My emotions start to stabilize, and my focus starts to regain its sight.

God is not withholding good from me. If we don't have Selena, it's because God has a greater purpose.  And perhaps it's just a "not now" answer.


Have you ever felt like this?

Like God is withholding something good from you?

God is never withholding good from you. He is always for your greatest good and his greatest glory. It seems like such a struggle to get our minds there. At least it is for me. But I truly take myself to the scriptures and submit to the truth I see, and God gives me faith to believe. 


I could write for days on this idea of trusting God, and on that one verse particularly, but often times I use music to tell a story or communicate an idea. That's what we did with Psalm 84:11. The song was written straight from the verse:

Verse: For the Lord our God is our sun and shield, the Lord bestows on us his favor
No good thing does he withhold, from those who walk with him.

The chorus elaborates on that, and talks about walking with God through the waiting, and trusting his heart because he knows what's best (at all times!).

Chorus: And I will walk by my Father's side, because he knows what's best
For no good thing does he withhold from those who trust in him. 

The bridge opens up with the brutal truth that waiting is hard and there is pain along the path of obedience and faith. But we still hold on to God (or rather he holds on to us) and raise our hands in humble faith and trust. If God did the most difficult thing (Piper calls it the "logic of heaven") in sending his own Son, then we know and can trust God with everything else. 

Bridge: And though there's pain in the waiting and sorrow through the night, 
We will sing your praises with our hands held high,
For you overcame the world, you know good for my life, yes you know what's good for my life.

And just to tie it all together we added clips from a *John Piper sermon that really drives the point home. John Piper's ministry has been a lighthouse for me in my own journey and this sermon in particular really encouraged me. I'm thankful for the ministry of Desiring God

The video features a good friend of mine, Rocky Martinez, who is the worship pastor of Faith Church Of The Valley in Arizona. I'm humbled that he would be part of sharing our story. 

The goal of the music of Hymns For Selena projects has always been to raise awareness of our adoption story and to raise support Selena.

Most of our albums are free and anything that is sold, 100% goes straight to meeting Selena's current needs. You can check out our music products page to see how you can help and be a part of supporting our precious Selena. 

*John Piper sermon clips come from a sermon he preached on August 18, 2002 entitled "God Did Not Spare His Own Son."

You can listen to the full sermon here: http://www.desiringgod.org/sermons/god-did-not-spare-his-own-son

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