No Hope? or More of Jesus?

The other day I saw an adoption alert on the Guatemala Intercountry website that peaked my interest. It was about adoption agencies being accredited and it said it was going into effect July 2014, this year!

I thought for a second,

"Man, what if this means that agencies that are accredited can start new adoption cases with Guatemala..?"

So without getting too excited, I started Googling adoption agencies and started calling numbers. For most of them I left messages, but then I finally got to talk to a real human being and I told her I was having a hard time understanding the update, and I needed it in "6th grade terms" (not sure why I said that, I just wanted it in plain English, but I did say that, no offense to sixth graders). She explained it to me, and how it didn't mean what I thought it meant.

No Hope or More of Jesus Blog Pic

It didn't mean anything for Guatemala.

Then she said these piercing words, "I don't have any hope for Guatemala.."

 Those words really sucker punched me.

I thanked the lady for her help and then hung up so dejected.

No hope? Those are strong words.

Those two words brought tears to my eyes and reminded me to pray. Over the next week God reminded me that if my trust is in the Lord, there is always hope. Not that we will "for sure" adopt Selena, but that this pursuit, no matter the outcome, is what gets me "more of Jesus." And if we get "more of Jesus" through the years of pursuing Selena, longing to be her parents, then that is better.


Did that lady 'know' what she was talking about? Was she the 'adoption expert?'

I don't know.

But I do know that there is hope. I was remembering that the scriptures tell us that Christians mourn over difficult things in life but that we don't mourn in the same way the world does. We mourn but we always have hope as our anchor. If that's true, then I know there's a way to wait for a daughter, that we desire to be parents of, in hope. It's a gift of faith really. Something that is sustained and built up through prayer, time in the Word and through community.


When I posted my conversation that I had with that lady on our Facebook page, it was amazing to see our H4S community step in and offer encouragement to us..I love it. That's why we have this platform, this album, and this Hymns For Selena community.


"praying for you..just an opportunity to glorify our God" - Holly High

"Even facts aren't Truth. And Truth says, but with God, all things are possible. (Mt. 19:26)" - Jessica Franco

"Our God is bigger than this! He knows the plan. The adoption journey is a roller coaster...know your heart is broken...don't loose hope. Be strong and look for the next door to open."- Nora Zemler

"Good things come to those who wait..God will give you the desire of your hearts.."- Vicky Walker (my mom)

"God is in control"- Donna Ashley

"God's timing!! Praying our God will make a way."- Paula Parkinson

"I'm so sorry, Josh and Angela, don't loose hope."- Phillip Bleecker

To all that I say, "AMEN." There is still hope. Continue to pray for us and for Selena. Pray like the pesky neighbor and lets keep asking the Lord for the desires of our hearts.


Hymns for Selena is "pay what you'd like" project featuring 12 worship leaders and 10 fresh hymns. 100% of the proceeds go straight to provide for Selena's daily needs. Download it today and consider sharing our adoption journey with your friends and family.

Thank you. Grace and Peace.