God Is Glorified In Disability

God Is Glorified In Disability
“Then the Lord said to him (Moses), “Who made man’s mouth? Who makes him mute, or deaf, or seeing or blind? Is it not I, the LORD.” – Exodus 4:11

I think we could add a few more things to the end of that list.

  • paralyzed from birth?
  • cerebral palsy?
  • brain damage?
  • down syndrome?

Basically any form of being ‘disabled’ or handicapped. Who made them this way and why?

Go back up and read again what God says about the origin of these disabilities. It’s pretty straightforward: “Is it not I, the LORD.”

Are sinful people involved in some of these scenarios that lead to disabilities? Yes, of course.

But God stands above it all and doesn’t shy away from his sovereignty. The ultimate responsibility of the physical or mental condition of all mankind falls on God.

8 Birthdays and 5 Years of "Unanswered" Prayer...

8 Birthdays and 5 Years of "Unanswered" Prayer...

Recently we posted on our Facebook wall,

“We’ve prayed for adoption to reopen in Guatemala and for us to adopt Selena for 5 years now…”

That is literally true and to be more accurate, we’ve prayed for Selena in some way every day for the last five years. A few years ago when we lived in Lewisville, at our first house, we were so confident this process of adoption wouldn’t be too long. We only had Nathan at the time, so we imagined the extra spare bedroom would be Selena’s. We painted it girly colors, used a girly bed cover, etc. And every morning before I would go to work I would kneel right by the bed and pray for Selena. And I don’t think this is uncommon. Most Christian parents probably pray for their children like this, but Selena was 2,000 miles away.