Pray for Selena. Pray for her health and for God to protect and sustain. Pray for her to grow in strength with her physical therapy sessions. And pray that she would know that she is deeply loved by us and by the Echeverrias.

Pray for the Echeverrias. Pray for strength for Mimi and Nufito. Pray that God would meet all of their needs, that should arise. Pray that God would give them continual guidance as they follow his calling in their life. Pray for their son, Pepe a.k.a. Junior. He is a local worship leader and radio host.

Pray for Guatemala to fix this broken system of adoption. Pray against corruption by men and women who are greedy for selfish gain and would abuse the adoption system. Pray that Guatemala and the United States would work together to figure out a solution to this terrible problem.

Pray for us, the Walkers in our waiting. Pray for our trust in the Lord to grow more and more. Pray for lasting joy to lead us through, despite not knowing the ending of this adoption story.


This story would not be what is without the power of story. Sharing this story with others will greatly benefit the hearers and Selena and the Echeverria family. Consider sharing the album and Selena’s story on Facebook or Twitter.


We have partnered with a non-profit organization called the Angels-Exist Foundation. The Angels Exist Foundation is committed to working together with volunteers and companies in the DFW and surrounding areas to help children with special needs live better lives by providing financial assistance. Selena is their sole “angel” right now which means that any gift you give towards helping Selena or the Echeverria family is a tax-deductible gift that will go straight to Selena and the Echeverria family. You can visit, LINK to give a one time or monthly contribution to Selena.

If you would like to give a one time or monthly tax-deductible gift you can visit: Angels-Exist 

Download the album on NOISETRADE or purchase it off of iTunes. Any ‘tip’ that is given on NOISETRADE will be sent to Selena, and any money from iTunes will do the same.


You can write our Texas Senator TED CRUZ here. You can tell him and his team about our story and that resolving this adoption conflict is not forgotten by the people of Texas.